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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dolphin Connection (Dolphin Interaction) Ingleside, TX

We had our trip planned for 10 am and when we awoke, it was misting rain and windy.  Sonja called us to reschedule, but decided she would take us out anyway since we were leaving the area that day.

The water conditions were not great for interaction with the dolphins.

A sunny day with calm water is preferred. It was cloudy, foggy, with good sized waves!

We knew we were in for an adventure when we first pulled up to the Dolphin Connection!

The building is so colorful and cheerful.

In a distance we could see a small boat headed towards the building. The boat pulls up to the dock and small perky woman jumps out.  She was so full of energy and started cracking jokes right off.

We loaded the boast and headed out to see the dolphin.

Sonja was so much fun and she treated us like she had known us forever.

You can tell the dolphins are her babies by the way she talks to them and calls them by name.

Some of the dolphins came right up to the boat. They will even let you touch them if they are in the right mood!

They love playing in the wake behind the boat.

It was so neat being so close to the dolphins in their environment!

Happy Travels! 

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