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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Day Trip to Saona Island from La Romana with Pro Excursions

When stopping at La Romana, Dominican Republic on your Carnival Cruise, taking an excursion to Saona Island is a must-do activity. Although shopping and exploring the port area might not be as desirable, the island is a tropical paradise worth visiting.

We chose to book our excursion with Pro Excursions, located in Bayahide. After being picked up from the port, we enjoyed a bumpy boat ride to the island while admiring the stunning views.

The highlight of our trip was a snorkeling adventure near some old bridge pilings. The crystal-clear waters, white sand, and palm trees surrounding the island made it a truly breathtaking experience. It's no wonder that many movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean and The Blue Lagoon, were filmed on Saona Island.

During our visit, we were treated to authentic Dominican cuisine under a huge palm-roofed shelter. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was perfect for a tropical island getaway.

On the way back, we made a stop at the Natural Pool, a 5-mile wide area that's only 3 feet deep and home to an abundance of starfish. It was a unique and memorable experience that we won't forget.

The rum!

If you're considering taking an excursion to Saona Island, we highly recommend booking with Pro Excursions. It's a fantastic way to experience the beauty and culture of the Dominican Republic. Just remember to wear mosquito repellent and have fun!🌴😊

Enjoy You Visit! 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! This sounds like an amazing day! Will seriously consider doing this!

  2. Great information, how long was the total trip time?

  3. The beauty of these beaches is unique and that is why many tourists want to get to this island in order to relax and enjoy these views.

  4. El problema es el poco tiempo que te dejan en la isla y la comida es muy pésima.