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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Discovering a Rare Sight: Nest of Turkey Vultures (Buzzards

A rare sighting according to my 83-year-old father, who said this is the first time that he has seen a “buzzard’s” nest. Him using the word buzzard to describe the black redheaded bald bird brought up lots of discussion and research. The best I can conclude is that it is a Turkey Vulture. Or if you prefer to call it what most southerner have called it for years, a buzzard, go for it.

We found the nest in a big brush pile on our farm (Located in Southern Arkansas). The mother flew out of it when we drove by, which triggered the hunt.

Although the big white speckled eggs were easy to spot, they were not easy to get close to. This is where a zoom lens comes in handy.

Turkey Vultures typically lay two eggs, which are incubated for 32 to 45 days.

The babies are cover in a white fur at hatching. They will remain in the nest for around two months.

 Hopefully the mother will let us get a peek occasionally as they grow! I know they will puke on you if you make them mad, so we will have to be quick. lol

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Exploring a Tropical Backyard Garden in Arkansas: A Spring Garden Tour

I thought I would do a quick spring tour of the garden. Most of the plants are well ahead of their normal, thanks to the warm temperatures and increased rain fall we have had here is southwest Arkansas the last couple of weeks. 

The banana trees are already around the 8 foot mark. I wrapped them for the first time this past winter and am happy with the results. I even have little bananas on two of the trees. Unfortunately, they are Musa basjoo and the bananas are tiny and not very tasty. Actually, from what I hear, it is rare for  Musa basjoo to fruit.

The first canna to bloom this year is this tropical beauty. I can not remember the name, but it is not supposed to be hardy below zone 10. This is their third year in the garden and they are multiplying like crazy.

The hibiscus are still full of blooms and the plants are putting on new growth. They started blooming in January in the greenhouse.

Bromelaids are one of my favorite plants for providing a tropical look to the garden. They all turn green in the winter, but show off their colors when the sun starts to hit them in the spring.

New to the garden this spring are these two beauties. They are supposed to be the Inferno cannas, but look nothing like the company's photos I ordered them from. Oh well, they are still pretty!

Most of the orchids are in bloom or at least budding. My sweet aunt gave me 13 orchids that she had at her home and was tired of caring for. I can not wait to see the colors of their booms.

Finally found a nursery in Michigan that grows sun coleuses. They are starting to grow
after just sitting there for a month! So many beautiful colors!

The Salvia Black and Blue is loaded with blooms. It is a hummingbird and butterfly magnet.

The Broad Leaf Dusty Miller is finally settling in and growing after being moved to a different spot a couple of weeks ago. I found this one on a weekend trip to Biloxi, Mississippi two years ago. 

I have been experimenting with bougainvillea. Some have been in the ground for a couple of years and some I winter indoors. The ones wintered in the greenhouse are looking beautiful. The ones left in the ground are just starting to put on leaves.

There is still lots of growing and filling in that will happen over the next month, but I am already enjoying my little tropical paradise!

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Happy Gardening!