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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Discovering a Rare Sight: Nest of Turkey Vultures (Buzzards

A rare sighting according to my 83-year-old father, who said this is the first time that he has seen a “buzzard’s” nest. Him using the word buzzard to describe the black redheaded bald bird brought up lots of discussion and research. The best I can conclude is that it is a Turkey Vulture. Or if you prefer to call it what most southerner have called it for years, a buzzard, go for it.

We found the nest in a big brush pile on our farm (Located in Southern Arkansas). The mother flew out of it when we drove by, which triggered the hunt.

Although the big white speckled eggs were easy to spot, they were not easy to get close to. This is where a zoom lens comes in handy.

Turkey Vultures typically lay two eggs, which are incubated for 32 to 45 days.

The babies are cover in a white fur at hatching. They will remain in the nest for around two months.

 Hopefully the mother will let us get a peek occasionally as they grow! I know they will puke on you if you make them mad, so we will have to be quick. lol

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