Drop Down

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Tropical Backyard Garden 2021 Tour in Arkansas

I am late on posting a garden tour from last summer. After the hard winter, it took most of the summer for what did survive to grow.


In February 2021, we had ice, snow, high winds, and negative nine-degree weather for a week. This is not something that you would ever expect to experience in southern Arkansas.

While we did enjoy playing in the snow, I was concerned about the damage it was causing.

I knew that the palm and banana trees would suffer, but I was not sure about the more native plants and trees. Six out of the eight palm trees died. Most of them being over ten years old.  

I cleaned up and set back to see if anything would put back up.

Slowly, the banana trees and a few other plants started to grow.

The crape myrtles, loquat, and some bushes struggled to put out new growth in July. Normally, this would happen in April. 


Everything continued to struggle throughout the summer, but by August, my lush paradise had returned. Well mostly..... things were smaller than normal and some of the trees still had dead limbs mixed with the green ones. The hibiscus and sun coleus that I had wintered in the greenhouse performed extra well, making up for the lack in the rest of the garden.  

This past winter was mild as usual and the trees and plants continue to recover. We have added new hardscapes and plants to the garden this year already.  I am hoping this summer will be better since I am already seeing a lot of green and new growth from the established plants and trees.

Happy Gardening!!!