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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Discovering Homestead, Florida: Top Things to Do While Exploring

 Between Miami and the Florida Keys is the often overlook town of Homestead, Florida. I know some people stop over for the night on the way to the Keys, but very few take the time to explore the area.

We were traveling from Naples to Key largo and had most of a day to do nothing, so we decided to take a look around Homestead. Our first stop was the Coral Castle. I had read where some people thought it was a waste of money, but we loved it. You can find my post about our visit here.

After leaving the Coral Castle, we headed to find a Buddhist temple that was hidden about eight mile out of town in the middle of a farming community. We passed so many crop farms. Once you get about a quarter of a mile from the main downtown area, farms are all you will see.

 A lot of the main houses are beautifully landscaped with flowers and palm trees. Running vines with bright orange flowers covered a fence running along the front of a farmhouse we drove past. We could not resist stopping for a pic!

The Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple of Homestead,  Florida was even more beautiful in person! It is open to the public most of the time. They even hold festivals and events and invite the public. I have heard that the monks are welcoming and will instruct you on meditation if you so wish. We walked around without ever see anyone. I would love to go back during one of the events!

We wanted to visit Biscayne National Park Institute, but ran out of time. Hopefully we can get there on our next trip through.

Homestead is also a good place to stay as a cheaper alternative to lodging in the upper Florida Keys. It is only 30 mile from Key Largo.

Happy Travels!