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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sunset Celebration (Mallory Square) Key West, Florida

A nightly ritual to gather at Mallory Square Dock to celebrate the sunset has been a long standing tradition in Key West.

Mallory Square is located at 400 Wall Street.

It is situated on the waterfront in Key West's historic downtown area, adjacent to the cruise ship port.

About two hours before sunset, the crowd begins gathering at the water's edge to watch street performers

listen to musicians

and wandering along looking at crafts made by local artisans.

You can even find out what your future holds if so inclined.

Some of the performers entertain simply by just being there, while others are very talkative and quite the comedians.

I don't remember this guy's name, but he was so funny and pull the audience in on his act.

The Cat Man (Dominique LeFort) has been a part of the celebration for many years. It is amazing to see how much he cares for his cats and what he can get them to do!

In addition to all of the entertainment and beautiful surroundings, there are huge sailboats cursing around the area!

Unfortunately, it was cloudy the night we were there, but it was still a pretty sunset.

The Sunset Celebration is a big part of Key West and a definite must do! There is no fee to enter the celebration, but you will have to pay for parking if you are not staying near by.

Happy Travels! 

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  1. The sunset celebration! The cat guy is a little... odd, but the guacamole was some of the best I've ever had!