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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saona Island -The Caribbeans most beautiful Beaches -Dominican Republic

Carnival Cruise

Port: La Romana, Dominican Republic

This is one port that you will want to take an excursion! I have heard that shopping and looking around the port area is not desirable. 

We were picked up at port and taken to Bayahide where Pro Excursions is located.

The beginning of our Saona Island tour

The boat ride is a little bumpy, but we were distracted by the beautiful scenery all the way to the island!

We stopped for a little snorkeling adventure by some old bridge pilings.

Palm trees, white sand, and clear blue water, this place is truly amazing!

Saona Island is a tropical island located at the south-east tip of the Dominican Republic.

Many movie scenes and commercials have been filmed on the island, including scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean and The Blue Lagoon.   

We spent a couple of hours swimming and exploring before lunch.

We were served authentic Dominican cuisine under a huge palm roofed shelter.  It was delicious!

All of the rum and coke you could possibly want from the open bar.

On the way back we stopped by the Natural Pool. It’s an area that is about 5 miles wide and only 3 foot deep. It is the home to an abundance of starfish.

The starfish stop, as well as the snorkeling stop, was filled with music from the boat and plenty of rum and coke. They even got out of the boat and walked around pouring drinks for everyone!

The rum!

A sample of how the stores look in the Bayahide area.

Scenery taken from the van during transportation from our excursion.

Locals in a truck in front of our van.

If you decide to take this excursion, you will love it! Have fun, be safe, and wear mosquito repellent!🌴😊

Happy Travels! 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! This sounds like an amazing day! Will seriously consider doing this!

  2. Great information, how long was the total trip time?

  3. The beauty of these beaches is unique and that is why many tourists want to get to this island in order to relax and enjoy these views.