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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bahia Honda State Park Post-Hurricane Irma (2019): A Look at the Aftermath

This was our first trip to the Florida Keys since hurricane Irma. Driving though, it looks like the middle keys were hit the hardest. The Key Largo (upper) and the Key West (lower) ends do not appear to have had much damage and look the same as on our previous trips.

 Islamorida (the Middle area) has done an amazing job on restoring and rebuilding, but the palm trees and tropical foliage are gone.

 Bahia Honda has always had the most beautiful beach areas in the Florida Keys and we were going there to do a photoshoot. We were sad to see that most of the park was closed and that the Hurricane had hit it hard. All the beautiful palm trees were gone. Regardless.... It was still beautiful and we had fun with the photoshoot anyway.

* Post from previous trips if you want to see more before the hurricane.

Happy Travels!

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