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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rock City Gardens (Lookout Mountain, Georgia)

What started out as Frieda Carter desire to create a garden with winding trails through giant rock formations in the early 1930’s, has become a popular tourist attraction in Georgia.

Rock City is a unique place on Lookout Mountain that attracts more than half a million people each year.

A 4,100-foot walking trail leads through rock formations, caves, and gardens, ending at the edge of a cliff know as Lovers Leap.

The name “Lovers Leap” comes from a Cherokee legend about feuding tribes and two lovers going over the cliff. One was thrown and the other jumped, both ending in death. What a tragic story for such a beautiful site!

The claim of “see seven states” from Lover’s Leap comes from diary entries of a Union office and a Confederate nurse during the Civil War, both talking about being able to see seven states from the summit. Flags of all seven states stand in representation of the documentations. The states are Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  

1400 Patten Road
 Lookout Mountain, GA

$19.95 Adults
$11.95 Children (ages 3-12)

Vary by season. Check here.

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