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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Oklahoma's Holy City


The last thing you would expect to see in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma, is an ancient looking city made of stone with a stunning backdrop of mountains.

Located in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Medicine Park, the Holy City was built in the 1930’s to resemble Old Jerusalem and serve as a venue for "The Prince of Peace" passion play. The performance is still held yearly on Easter morning. 

The structures, made of locally quarried granite and stone, became a permeant venue in 1934. 

The historic chapel on site contains murals painted by Irene Malcolm in 1945. It has been the host to many weddings and continues to be a popular venue today.


262 Holy City Rd, Cache, OK 73527


Monday - Saturday     8am - 5pm

Sunday    1pm - 5pm


Free, but take donations

This is an unique place in Oklahoma and defiantly worth a visit!

Happy Travels!

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