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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Juniper Springs - Silver Springs, Florida

Juniper Springs Recreation Area is one of the most beautiful places in Florida!


To me, walking up to the Springs, feels like walking into a scene from a suspense movie. It grabs your attention and you keep watching to see what happens. It is unbelievably beautiful, but a little eerie at the same time.

Juniper Springs is an accumulation of hundreds of bubbling springs deeply shaded by a dense canopy of palms and oak trees.

Natural tape grass (eel grass) grows along the bottom of the spring. Occasionally, you will see eels swimming around in the grass. 

The temperature of this spring is a constant. The daily water flow of 13 million gallons of water passes through this recreation area and springs.

Swimming is possible all year due to the constant 72 degrees water. In the summer, it will feel cool. During the winter, it will feel warm.

Normally, hiking and kayaking are available at the recreation area, but they are doing some upgrading and it is all closed at this time.

Camping is available all year. 

A small store and sitting area is open all seasons.


26701 FL-40, Silver Springs, FL 34488



8AM -6pm daily



$9 per person on weekdays

$12 per person on weekends

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