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Friday, October 21, 2022

Visitors Guide Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park is a family friendly park located along Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains of south-central Oklahoma.

The highlights are 77-ft. waterfall, natural swimming pool, a blue hole, a spring feed creek, caves, and an old rock castle.

As you are headed to the park, there will be a zipline at the top of the hill. Stop and walk to the overlook situated to the right side of the building. It is the best view of Turner Falls! 

This is also where the Love Lock Fence overlooking the falls is located.


It was a little confusing for us, so I'm going to try to explain.

There are three areas of parking.

Level 3:

·         The first one you will come to

·         Closest to the blue hole

·         Free parking all the time

Level 2:

·         Good for swimming in the river between the blue hole and the falls

·         Cost $10 for parking during busy times

Level 3:

·         Closest to the falls and castle

·         Cost $20 for parking during busy times


I’m still not clear on the cost for parking or the actual cost for admission. We were charged $8 per person and parking was free. I think we were off season and during the week is why it was that prince.

Their website says $16 per person and $10 & $20 for parking.

They also have camping spaces and cabins to rent for staying overnight. The cabins are $150 a night.

No pets are allowed in the park.

The castle is located on the right of the walkway on the way to the falls. It is up a steep hill. If you are able, go ahead and climb the steps. It is worth it! 

 The biggest complaint I hear about this place is the cost to get in and crowding in the summer. I agree it would be costly if you have a large family at $16 dollars a person plus parking. If you are stopping by on a vacation, it would be worth it. It is a pretty neat place to see although it does need a little maintenance!

Address: I-35 &, US-77, Davis, OK 73030

Happy Travels! 

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