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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Parrot Key Resort (Review) Key West, Florida

Does lounging on a white sandy beach under coconut palms, swimming in crystal clear water, or exploring acres of lush tropical gardens sound like a place you would like to spend a few days? That is exactly what you will experience at The Parrot Key Resort in Key West.

I have stayed in so many resorts and hotels in Florida that are pretty, but are basically surrounded by just sand and palm trees. The Parrot Key is what I envisioned when thinking about a Florida vacation … Tropical. The gardens have a slight Balinese feel, which I love!

Four secluded pools offer a great way to cool off from the hot and humid Keys weather. We were always able to have a pool to ourselves when we wanted to swim. The layout of the garden and pools allows a feeling of complete privacy.

Although there is no water access, the white sand sunbathing terraces along the waterside of the resort are the perfect place to watch a colorful Key West sunset.

The resort is located away from Duval Street, Mallory Square, and the beaches, but is only a short drive or shuttle ride to the areas.

Due to damage from hurricane Irma and some remodeling projects, it looks like they will not be open for reservation again until June. We loved our stay and hope to get back there soon!


 2801 N Roosevelt Blvd

 Key West, FL 33040

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Orchid Haul

I just wanted to do a quick post and let everyone know about the beautiful orchids I found today.

Walmart was putting them out as I walked into the garden center. They have a variety of colors, but each store only has about 12 plants. The best part is that they are only $ 9.99!

I am absolutely in love with these beauties!

If you would like to see more of my "jungle" sun room or get updates on my cold hardy tropical garden, leave a comment and I will do more post. 😊

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tropical Plants and Salt Water Fish (Little Rock, Arkansas)

A trip to a couple of indoor garden centers and a salt water fish store was the perfect cure for the wintertime blues.

January is usually the month that I start craving a warm tropical island. It has been very cold in Arkansas the last few weeks and my body is not liking it! We generally have mild winters with just a few days that are below freezing at night. Well, not this year! It has been down to 14 degrees at night and not getting above 32 during the day.

My mother, daughter, and I decided that a little adventure to some nurseries in a nearby (1 ½ hours away) city would be a perfect “Pick me up”. There is basically nothing to do indoors within 4 hours of my home, so being creative is a must. Never having been to any nurseries in Little Rock before, I did a little research online to see which ones might have something to look at indoors.

Hocott's Garden Center has a beautiful indoor garden with all kinds of tropical plants and trees. 
They also have home and garden decor. I love that you just walk through the jungle and find the plants you want. The air plants were hanging in a tree just like in nature!


3612 Kavanaugh Blvd.

Little Rock, AR

Botanica Gardens has a beautiful store with nature inspired decor for the home and garden. They have a nice selection of air plants.


1601 Rebsamen Park Road

Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

Good Earth Garden Center has a cute fairy garden, a very large gift shop, hot houses, and you can grab a quick photo with Bigfoot!


15601 Cantrell Road

 Little Rock, AR 72223

The Fish Tank is an Aquarium supply store with beautiful saltwater fish and live coral. The staff is super friendly and informative. I am still trying to talk the hubby into letting me get a salt water tank!


400 N. Bowman Rd, Suite 13

Little Rock, AR 72211

I acquired these beautiful air plants on our trip. I have been fascinated with tillandsias for a while, but am just now starting to collect some air plants. I just wish they were not so expensive! If anybody has some extras they would like to send my way, feel free!😄

The first plant is from Hocott's Garden Center and the second two are from Botanica Gardens.

Hope you enjoined hearing about our little trip! If you have suggestions on any other nurseries or garden centers that I need to visit, let me know. I love anything tropical and can not wait for warmer weather to get out in my garden.

Below is short video from the trip